Amsterdam CBD Crystals (1g)


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99,6% of (1000mg)  CBD Crystals/powder per 1 gram.

CBD crystals are formed by extracting the CBD from a Sativa industrial Hemp Plant.

These crystals have been extracted from organic hemp using supercritical CO2! It is the purest CBD extract available!

Ideal to use in your favourite food and smoothies, or to create your own CBD oil with a carrier oil like MCT oil. The CBD crystals are also used to create vape e-liquids.

1. Make your own CBD Edibles

CBD crystals have a broad spectrum of uses as mixing with a carrier oil or baking for ingestion.

To cook with CBD Crystals just gently heat some butter in a pan and add the 1 gram of CBD crystals. Allow them to dissolve (at 70 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes to allow the crystals to dissolve into the liquid) then use the butter to make tasty cookies or delicious cakes or even just spread on your toast.

2. Make your own Vape e-liquid

Making your own CBD e-liquid is like baking cookies. You need the basic ingredients, CBD crystals, Polyethylene Glycol 400 (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), in addition, you can add some flavour. First mix CBD crystals with PG, then add VG. We recommend that you use a relatively low amount of VG (30% max) to ensure the solubility of CBD in the blend. Then add some flavour, starting with a low amount and increment to reach the CBD concentration you wish in your e-liquid. For example, 1000mg of Pure CBD Crystals in a 20ml e-liquid mixture, you will have a ratio of 25mg/ml or 5% CBD. On the other hand, if you add the 1000mg CBD Crystals in 10ml e-liquid mixture, the ratio goes up the 50mg/ml or a ratio of 10% CBD (the amount of e-liquid required will all depend on what CBD concentration you wish in your e-liquid).

You can use concentrates or premixes (again, with low VG content). On another side, you can also use nicotine base to make your e-liquid that won’t altered the CBD.

You will need:
  • CBD crystals 
  • PG (Propylene Glycol )–
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) –
    A popular PG/VG Ratio is 70/30. Mix 200mg CBD Crystals with 7 ml PG and 3 ml VG.
  • (and if you still are in doubt, then have a look at our vape e-liquids)

3. Make your own CBD Oil and choose your favourite Carrier Oil

It is important to remember that CBD is not water soluble., but you can solve it with any other oil.
Popular cold pressed carrier oils are:
  • Olive Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
Step 1: Decide how concentrated you want your CBD oil to be. e.g. 1 gram of CBD crystals with 20 ml of MCT oil, for a final concentration of 50 mg of CBD per ml. If you are unsure, use 30 ml of oil, which will give you a CBD oil with a concentration of 30 mg CBD per ml.
Step 2: Transfer the CBD crystal to the bottle or container.
Step 3: Measure out your oil and add it to the container.
Step 4: Add to water to heat through at 70 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes to allow the crystals to dissolve into the liquid. You can speed up this final step by placing the closed dropper bottle/container in a glass of hot water for example, add 1 gram of crystals (equals to 1000mg CBD) combined with 10ml of your chosen carrier oil.

You can use the oil in cooking or simply place under the tongue and allow to dissolve. This is a cheaper alternative to buying ready to use CBD Oil and the benefit is that you can choose your own carrier oil.


We hope this explanation will help and wish you an enjoyable vaping experience! 🙂




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