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Everyone wants to make their own oil, with your own ingredients. This is now possible with the complete Cannolator package! The complete Cannolator. This package does not only contain the cannolator with all its accessories but also an air pump and a baby bottle warmer. You only need alcohol to start.

Cannolator complete:

  • Delivered with air pump and baby bottle warmer
  • Extra long extraction tube of 37cm
  • Create your on own marihuana, THC or CBD oil easily
  • Always make the same strength through your own production
  • 50% reduction in alcohol use
  • Preparation time ± 2 hours

Making oil yourself
More and more people are looking for ways to safely make medicinal oil. Nowadays, this alcohol extraction method is one of the most common ways to make your own oil. You can purchase this cannolator, you only need to order alcohol and you’re done. Remember that we assume that you have been to the coffee shop to pick up your bag of weed.

Cannabis or cannabis oil is not legal
Many stories go around on the Internet about the beneficence of THC oil and cannabis oil. Unfortunately, we cannot provide information about this. The videos on the Internet are cases on its own, and provide no guarantee. No clinical studies have been performed and therefore we cannot, nor would like to say anything about it.

How to make your own oil?
On our website you can find a comprehensive manual for making the oil, as well as a movie how this exactly works. However, below is a brief step-by-step plan to give you an idea:

  • Take some fine-ground cannabis or hemp
  • Fill the supplied (larger) extraction tube
  • Put this extraction into the cannolator
  • Add 6x the weight in alcohol
  • Now the baby bottle warmer turns on and the alcohol evaporates
  • When left with a smooth liquid after an hour or 2, the paste ready.

CBD or THC thin pasta
With a cannolator your make your own paste. It must be diluted. You can add olive or hemp seed oil yourself, according to your own preference. You can make the oil as strong as you want.

Recommendation diluting
There is a recommended dilution method. The dilution is based on the created paste.

5x dilution = 1 bottle of 10ml = regular strength
10x dilution = 2 bottles of 10ml = sensitive persons
15x = 3 bottles of 10ml = maintenance dose.

Hennep seed oil or olive oil
The taste of oil is very important, of course. Many medicinal oils do not have a nice taste, but this also has to do with the oil that is added as diluent. Choose between hemp seed oil or olive oil. However, we recommend hemp seed oil because it contains many healthy omega fatty acids.

Package Contents

  •  Cannolator standard.
  • 2 extraction tubes of 37cm.
  • 1 measuring cup.
  • 3x 10ml pipette bottles.
  • 1 customized cleaning brush.
  • 1 thermometer.
  • 1 baby bottle warmer.
  • 1 air pump.
  • 1 leaflet with instructions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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