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Making marijuana oil was never so easy with the Cannolator from Non-profit org. “stichting Medi-Wiet”. You can now make THC oil, Marijuana Oil or Cannabis oil with hardly any effort. You can make the oil yourself with this device. By making it yourself you determine the strength and composition of your own Cannabis oil!

Why the Cannolater?

  • Make marijuana oil extract in approximately two hours.
  • Always the same strength
  • Clean and pure
  • use of alcohol reduced with 50%.

20 grams of cannabis will provide approximately 2 grams of pure marijuana oil. It is up to you to see which part of the Cannabis you use. The pure marijuana oil can be diluted with olive oil or hemp seed oil after making it, to make dosing easier.

Cannabis marijuana oil is not legal
There are many stories and movies on the Internet about the wholesome effects of marijuana oil (THC Oil), but there is no place to obtain it legally. Because the concentration of THC in the Cannabis oil is above 0.2%, it is illegal in all of Europe.

It is allowed to produce it yourself. You can now make it yourself, in such as way so you exactly know what’s in there. With this Cannolator from Medical Marijuana, you can decide yourself to make THC oil or CBD oil. By choosing the right type of marijuana in the coffee shop, or by cultivating it yourself you know exactly what’s in your self-made marijuana oil.

Roadmap to make Cannabis oil
A short roadmap for the production of you own pure marijuana oil.

  • You need fine, well-dried cannabis.
  • You fill the supplied tube with cannabis.
  • You turn on the Cannolator in a heater,
  • Add 6x the weight of the Cannabis in alcohol,
  • Evaporate the alcohol,
  • If small bubbles appear, the decarboxylation process starts. After about 2 hours a smooth substance remains. The pure THC Oil / Marijuana oil is ready.

Determine the strength yourself
Now the pure marijuana / cannabis oil is ready, you can add olive oil or hemp seed oil yourself, so dosing becomes easier and the amount for consumption is easier to determine.

Now you know exactly what’s in the pure marijuana paste, so you can start blending.

Diluting recommendations
When making pure oil, measure an empty glass and afterwards measure the filled glass with the pure oil. Multiply the weight of the oil you made with the dilution number.

  • 5x dilution = 1 bottle 10ml = normal strength
  • 10x dilution = 2 bottles 10ml = sensible persons
  • 10x dilution = 3 bottles 10ml = maintenance dose

Add Hemp Seed Oil
Taste is decisive. So be careful which oil you add to dilute. Hemp seed oil (preferably with CBD) is more suitable, though olive oil or pumpkin seed oil can also be used to dilute the THC/CBD oil. So it is simply a questions of taste, and that is something very personal. We recommended the use of hemp seed oil as diluent because the taste fits well to this oil and is also full of healthy minerals, fatty acids and vitamins.

Shelf life THC oil
Take the shelf life of the used oil for blending into account. At room temperature, that is easily one year, in the fridge it is possible to conserve for even more time. Keep in mind though that the viscosity of the oil strongly reduces when you store it in the fridge. Let the cannabis oil therefore always reach room temperature before you use it.

Content of the package:

  • 1 Cannolator standard
  • 2 extraction tubes of shockproof and heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • 1 measuring cup 250ml
  • 3x 10cc pipette bottles
  • 1 customized cleaning pen
  • 1 thermometer.

Required extra products.
To make oil yourself with the “cannolator”, you need the following products next to the cannolator we sell.

We do not provide these products yet, you will need to buy them yourself at another location.

  • Baby Bottle Heater
  • Alcohol

Dutch Headshop doesn’t want to encourage any violation of the law. Making and using marijuana oil/ THC oil / Cannabis oil is entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs before, during or after the production of the marijuana oil. We want to also want to point out that trade in these oils is prohibited.

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